Swimming is great exercise for all muscles and light weight training is great to get the blood pumping, even getting the steps in walking and taking in the fresh air outside uplifts you. Body confidence is something that I struggled with post surgery and would obsess about which outfits would hide my bag but since building a stronger physique, along with the right support wear, it has empowered me to show others that you can live a full and confident life after bowel surgery.

Tips for beach wear and swimming

What should you wear for beach – and swimwear?
The most important is that you wear something that makes you feel good – feel as you. Some people do not mind showing their bag when going to the beach, whereas some prefer covering up. Do what makes you feel the best. Unfortunately, buying specialty swimwear is no guarantee of a good fit. On the other hand, you might be able to find regular swimwear that fits your need perfectly.

On the beach, a sarong or wrap can be a great way to gracefully cover up without feeling out of place.

And if you would like to wear a bikini – you should do so.

Always make sure that the barrier sticks properly before going swimming – give it some time after applying. Be aware that the water can affect the adhesion negatively, so make sure to change your product more frequently if needed. For some people it can be helpful to use supporting products when going swimming – using a skin barrier that helps the adhesive stick better can be very helpful, and if it’s the edges not sticking properly an elastic tape can be a possible solution.

It is always a good idea to talk to your stoma nurse before going if you have any questions.