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We are very fortunate here at the School of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences to have worked with Victoria as part of the Crohn’s and Colitis support group.
These sessions have given our students an invaluable experience.

Student comments:
Thankyou Victoria, you are inspirational and are a credit to your cause
thank you, your such an inspiration
So informative , thank you for sharing your story Victoria.
Thank you, really enjoyed it
thank you so inspirational
Thank you very much Victoria
thank you, really enjoyed this
thank you i enjoyed listening to you

School of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences

Fantastic group with fantastic people. The support I have received from this group has been invaluable. Since attending in 2017, I haven’t looked back. The best thing about the group is sharing how we feel and the experience you are having with other members so you don’t feel alone with this challenging condition. I would urge anyone with the condition in Lancashire to attend a meeting or open day and speak to the fantastic members. Thank you Victoria for setting up this amazing group.

Laura Shanks

I’m newly diagnosed, it was great meeting people who understood and could give me advice, looking forward to the next meeting

Jeanette Kaminski

Thank you Victoria for organising this group. I wish I had known more people and had more support from like minded people when I went through some really tough times. Lovely to meet you and your very caring family. Long may the group continue and grow xx

Sam Gadwell

For anyone who is suffering with any form of IBD it’s great to read about others affected and still getting on with life. Thank you for speaking out about the disease that’s embarrassing to talk about. What you are doing is amazing and probably reaches out to more people than you realise. You’ve helped me and for that I say thank you and please carry doing what you are doing!! #UC #thanks

Jo Mitchell