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If you would like to get in touch, talk about becoming a sponsor or would like to share your story, please contact us on the form below and we will endeavour to get back to you within 3 working days alternatively head over to our social media pages and contact us through the respective messaging service.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often do the group meet?

Last Tuesday of every month 7.15pm to 8.30pm

Where do the group meet?

Buckshaw Village Community Centre

Unity Place,

Buckshaw Village,



Do I have to sign up or just turn up?

It’s absolutely free to attend – no registration needed

Have you any tips when having a flare?

Herbal tea – Pukka Green tea/ Turmeric
Liquid diet of soups avoid dairy and caffeine

Do I have to talk at the group?

It’s totally optional if you would like to share your story or if you prefer to listen to others that is fine too.

What do you discuss at the group?

We have a general meeting where members can share their IBD journey and any hints and tips, if they feel comfortable. We also have a guest speaker attending every other meeting.

Keep a look out for our updates.

Can I swim with a stoma?

Absolutely- check out our swimming with a stoma section. 

How do i keep up to date with information?

Sign up to our newsletter and follow us on facebook and instagram.