This week we have officially launched our campaign @ibd_beauty_and_the_bag to inspire and empower body confidence after bowel surgery.

It’s not something that is talked about enough and it’s a very real feeling.

At just 24 years old I had to learn to adapt to a new life and accept my body had changed.

I have had to work on myself IMMENSELY to get to this point and continue to do so daily but from the very moment I accepted this 2nd chance at life was a better one, I became fearless in the pursuit of supporting others and educating about our IBD journey.

It’s took me 7 years to publicly share a photo with my bag but I always knew when I was strong enough, I wanted to make an impact.

Manchester’s biggest billboard should do it ?

Special thanks for the support of:

Hollister Incorporated
Chris Ord Photography
Exclusive Law

“To anyone who is struggling to adjust to life with a stoma, please give yourself time, do not expect just after surgery that you are going to feel like everything is going to be amazing.”

“My Name is Victoria Danson and I have lived as an Ostomate for seven years. I have shared my story in alliance with Hollister to empower other ostomates. Hollister care and strive to make life more rewarding and dignified for people living with a stoma.”…/

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