….yes he did!

Yes, Dave was blown away by Les Mis just like I was all those years ago. Isn’t it one of life’s supreme pleasures when you see a loved one enjoy something you’ve banged on about for years?? I bought the Les Mis CD and he’s been playing it in the car ever since :razz:

Something I’ve always wanted to do (even though I know London really well, having spent 3 years close by when I was training to be a teacher) is to take a ride on one of the open top buses. So that’s what we did! We were lucky with the weather, no rain, thank goodness. The bus ride took about five hours, much longer than we were expecting and it scuppered our plans to go to London Zoo but we didn’t mind. I was fascinated to see and hear about lesser known parts of London such as birth places of famous people, wealthiest parts of London etc. Best of all though was seeing all those iconic landmarks. I can’t think of another city in the world that has quite as many as London does (well, maybe Paris?!). here’s a few of them:

Houses of Parliament with Big Ben in the background. Tower Bridge and the very busy Thames The ancient Tower of London.....930 years old!! By contrast, something much newer, the London Eye, built just 10 years ago

We had a wonderful weekend all in all and came home to find our two dogs thrilled to see us (a friend had dog sat for us). Unfortunately just before we went to bed we discovered a leak coming from the cold water tank which is housed in the loft. What followed turned into a total nightmare! I won’t go into details as it’s a long story, suffice to say that we were left with no water for three days by an ill chosen bunch of cowboys. Eventually we were rescued by a thoroughly decent, expert plumber on the 4th day and now everything is back to normal!

We had a day in Cambridge to cheer ourselves up the next day and it did the trick. Lunch in the fab Giraffe restaurant and a good browse around the wonderful shops were just what the doctor ordered! I fell in love with a beautiful Monsoon dress but didn’t buy it. When I got home I kept thinking about it (how often have I done that?!) and ended up ordering it online….it arrived today and is BEAUTIFUL!
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luvverly London tahhhn!

It had been a while since I’d walked the streets of London so it was with excitement and a little trepidation that we set off on our anniversary weekend. I needn’t have worried, everything was mostly how I’d left it ;-) with a few changes here and there. On arrival (by train) we easily found our hotel aided by the brilliant apps on my iPhone including a sat nav!  The room and the hotel were as plush and posh as we’d hoped and in the lovely area of South Kensington. A quick drink and we were ready to explore but as it was a Friday afternoon we decided not to venture onto the very hot and even busier tube trains and caught one of the frequent buses just outside the hotel. I’ve always preferred travelling by bus in London, you see so much more and anyway, I’ve never been keen on the underground…..not good for someone who has a tendency to claustrophobia!

As Dave had never been to Harrods and as we were very close, that’s where we went. We only saw a fraction of of the departments but we chose probably the most spectacular…the food halls (of course!) and the luxury gift rooms. My eyes were on stalks looking at the Cartier, Tiffany, De Beers etc jewels and Dave’s were on stalks looking at the astonishing array of fish in the errrrrrr fish department (was trying to think of another word for that!). Here’s a few pics: the hotel, a Chanel window display at Harrods, a sumptuous Marc Jacobs bag and one of the food halls.

Unfortunately we didn’t get time to see more as we needed to get back to the hotel to get ready for our theatre trip. Have to admit to a little apprehension at this point as, after building up the show we were going to see for the last nine years, and finally getting Dave to agree to go, the moment was soon to arrive…..would he fall in love with Les Miserables just as I did 20 years ago????

More to follow…… :grin:

it’s been a while…..

…..and I’m hoping that now I’m back my posts will be rather more regular. After the last few months it’s been horribly difficult to put my fingers to the keyboard and write about my life, such as it is. What a year it’s been and it occurred to me that in 1999 life changing events also happened…..clearly years ending in a 9 are momentous in my life as I was married to my first husband in 1979!

I ended my last post by saying that I didn’t think it would be long before we moved on to pastures new. Not just to a new house but to the other end of the country. Well almost! No we haven’t done it yet but it’s planned for December/January depending on when I can leave my job. We’re moving 250 miles away to Dorset where Dave’s daughter and grandchildren live and it can’t come soon enough! We spent last week down there, looking at cottages to rent which just made us even more eager to get down there. It’s something we’ve been keen to do for years but while my mum was alive, it was not an option as I needed to be here for her. I’ll be moving further away from my son and my brother but I’m hoping that I’ll actually see more of them as when they come to stay it’ll be for days at a time rather than the few hours we get at the moment.

A major reason for our move is to get away from where we are at the moment. Being burgled was the last straw. England is certainly not the place it was but our town has changed beyond recognition. Last week, walking around the town we’re moving to, was a delightful experience which I’m sad to say is the direct opposite of what it’s like here. I’ve lived here all my life and I know I’ll have no regrets whatsoever.  I’ll be putting my name down on the supply teacher list and Dave already has a job in the offing.

As it’s our first wedding anniversary on Friday we’re treating ourselves to a weekend in London. We’ve booked a rather plush hotel in Kensington and are off to see Les Miserables on our special night. Les Mis is my absolute most favourite show of all time. I last saw it about 15 years ago and cannot wait to see Dave’s reaction when he sees it for the first time! Then on Saturday we’re going to London Zoo as we both love zoos and, again,  it’s been many years since I last went. On Saturday night we’re hoping to see the film of one of my top 5 books The Time Traveller’s Wife. My mum lent me it to read when we went to Scotland last year. It’s a magical book and I remember mum’s excitement when I told her that a film was being made of it. It was originally supposed to be coming out on Boxing Day 2008 but for some reason was delayed to August 14th (our wedding anniversary!). It makes me so sad though that my mum never got to see it.

After much soul searching, my brother and I decided to put mum’s house up for sale a few weeks ago. It had been our home from when we were 9 and 11 respectively. The house was built for us so had only ever had our family living in it. After our dad died, mum did miraculous things with the garden and up until her death it was a joy to behold. It broke my heart to see it starting to get untidy after all the time she spent on it. For that reason, and also because it was costing us money to keep it empty, with heavy hearts we made the decision. We weren’t terribly optimistic about it selling but unbelievably it was sold in less than 24 hours! The sale was agreed on 12th July and the new owners moved in last week on 6th August! What a terribly sad time it’e been though as we’ve had to be so ruthless with what we kept and what we either sold or left for house clearance people to take. Neither my brother or I have the space for a lot of the things we would have liked to keep. Friends of my mum’s have taken some things and I know mum would have been really pleased about that. Anyway, here’s some photos of her beautiful garden:

m3 m2

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