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….long time, can I still do this? To be honest I’d all but forgotten about this place but a timely reminder from my host to pay up made me wonder whether I should close or try to make the 10 euros a month worthwhile. So I’ve spent some time reading back through my posts and it’s made me nostalgic for the many hours sourcing favourite artists and creating beautiful themes. Facebook is now where I do all my talking and will remain so but when I get the time I’ll write a little here and play around the with the templates, graphics and colours.

In brief though, just in case anybody of old happens by and is interested in what I’ve been up to for the last two years: A LOT!! Very brief indeed but I plan to write more as time goes on and fill in a few gaps…….

time for reflection…

A new year, a new decade and a time to reflect, for me anyway. Looking back on 2009 fills me with sadness. I find it hard to believe that this world has been without my mum for almost 10 months! I still can’t believe that she’s not going to walk through the door or be at the end of the phone when it rings. Very sadly, I now contemplate that if mum was still here I would still be in my home town. It’s all thanks to her that we are here now, in a place that we adore. Oh but what I would give to have her back 🙁

I now have much more time for reflection. If I was still working, I’d have gone back to work yesterday. It was then that it really struck home what I’ve actually done! Having worked for more than 20 years it’s quite strange being unemployed. I feel guilty at getting up late. I still think that I only have a limited amount of time to get jobs done. Years and years of having a time limit dictated by the school term! I’m getting my need for children’s company satisfied by all the babysitting we’re doing. Robyn is of the age that I love most….just coming up to 3. Such fun, such curiosity and like a little sponge lapping up everything going on around her. I love how she’s trying to assert her independence all the time, challenging me to come up with different strategies which make her think she’s still in control. I love how keen she is to learn new things and how easily she does!

Lastly a couple of photos to give you an idea of how it looks around here, more later. Bear in mind that for the last 40+ years, I’ve lived in the Fens, renowned for it’s flatness….even a mole hill looked out of place! Now, I can look out of my window and see this…….bliss!

down our lane
down our lane

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back to blogging?

Hmmm, not sure if there’s anyone left out there after deserting the place for months! My excuse is quite good though….we have finally moved, from the east of England to the south west….Dorset to be exact. A major move, particularly on my part, having lived all my life (I won’t disclose how many years!) in the totally flat Fens, we now look out to rolling hills and a valley just down the road! We arrived the Saturday before Christmas and have spent a large part of the time unpacking and babysitting as it’s right here that our grandchildren live :). So wonderful to be able to help out as often as possible as our daughter and son-in-law are very busy people managing a highly popular pub in the town.

We both gave up our jobs to come here and will be looking for something new in a couple of months time. It was a heart wrenching time saying goodbye to people who I’d worked with for up to 20 years….and also my beloved class who had done so well in their first term at school.

Enough for now, but I will be back, with photos of our new home when I have more time…..still much to do!