:: Lost my voice! ::

Sent the kids out on a search party to find my voice, but no luck as yet. Now you might think that schoolkids would be delighted when their teacher loses her voice but not mine! Little 4 year olds aren’t at all happy when their teacher isn’t her normal self. Bless them, they’ve tried really hard to help me out today and taken messages to children across the other side of the classroom who were unable to hear my whispers.

It’s been hard work but my wonderful support assistants have been great and been my voice for most of the day. I’m hoping I’ll get it back tomorrow though! :roll:

As far as WP goes, I’m really pleased to have finally got all the plugins working that I wanted in the first place. What a difference a bit of practice and knowledge makes. I can now understand a lot more of the workings of this stuff and that is a big help. I have lots of ideas for pages on here…..and that’s my next learning curve! 🙂

One more day of work and then two whole weeks off, much of it spent on here no doubt. I have a brand new computer waiting to have all the data from this computer transferred to it once I’ve gone through everything and deleted all the stuff I don’t need…..a mammoth task indeed! Sweet bear by Helena

:: Another week gone… ::

..and another week closer to the Easter break which is now only 5 days away.

It’s been Mother’s Day here in the UK and Dave cooked a beautiful meal for my Mum and I.

Tom, my son, called me this morning to wish me a good day and to say that he’d be bringing me something special during the upcoming week. It would have been nice to have seen him but as he lives 60 miles away and doesn’t drive yet, not a possibility. But he starts driving lessons on Tuesday so things could change a little, soon.

Haven’t had time to work on here this weekend as most of the time has been taken up with life in general. Yesterday I was really pleased to get a new mobile phone…one which I’ve been hankering after for a while now. I was so lucky to get it as most places have sold out of them. It’s a Nokia (the best!) 7370 and it looks like this my new phone! with beautiful engravings on it. At last I have a phone which is really ME, lol! And so easy to use too.

This week will be busy getting all the stuff done for Easter….Easter cards, baskets, hats and an Easter bonnet parade on Wednesday, what fun! Oh and of course the clocks went forward today, one less hour in bed 🙁 but I’m sitting here at 7pm and it’s still light so that has to be good, summer is on it’s way even if it is pouring with rain here right now!

::Soooo tired::

Yawn! Wednesday is always my tiredest day and I struggle to keep awake for my favourite tv prog Desperate Housewives. So I thought I’d come and write something here to keep me awake as it’s on in 20 mins.

Today was superbusy as we’d invited a paramedic in to school to show the children in Reception his ambulance and his equipment. Much excitement and an excellent lesson for the children on People Who Help Us, our topic this term. This afternoon should have been the turn of the fire service to come but they were called out to an emergency so will visit tomorrow instead.

On the blog front am in the middle of creating an Easter/Spring theme using graphics from my friend Sonia, one very talented lady. Just not enough hours in the day to do all the things I’d like to be doing!