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Hi and welcome to IBD Support Website, I'm so glad you found us!

I set up this website for the many friends I've made on the net over the last seven years. We all have one thing in common - Inflammatory Bowel Disease, an often totally debilitating chronic illness.  You will find out, here, about how Crohn's and Ulcerative Colitis has affected our lives.

Becoming part of a community who share the same illness, can be one of the best and most therapeutic decisions you've ever made. If you would like to find us, click on the message board text to the left. You are sure to receive a warm and friendly welcome!

Also on the site is a 'What's IBD?' section which I put together after asking my friends which questions they would have liked answering when they were first diagnosed. I hope you'll find it interesting.

My Graphics Section

I have been collecting Siobhan's beautiful graphics for some time and throughout this site you will find many examples of her work, in the shape of adoptions that so many kind friends have allowed me to have. I have also managed to build up a large collection of my own now and you can see my exclusive adoptions here.

Take a look at her stunning site!