connected again, after a fashion!

Decided that there was no way I could last without the internet for two weeks so changed all my settings and connected myself rather grudgingly to the pirate service Talk Talk. It’s a pretty abysmal connection, constantly dropping off particularly when I first log on but it’s better than nothing.

Christmas comes ever closer and we’re really getting in to the swing of it at school. The kids have done their calendars and are now working on their Christmas cards which involve doing some sewing which they’re really rather good at. Most days we do a rehearsal for ‘Donkey for Sale and as usual I’ve been amazed at how quickly they pick up the songs. Bless ’em they have so much to learn this time of year. First there was the assembly for Children in Need where they had to a funny song. Then we were straight into the songs for the play……..7 of them. On top of that they have to learn some carols for the carol concert at the end of term. My class are learning Away in a Manger (what a tearjerker!!), Little Donkey and the Rocking Carol which I adore. My children are in fine form and this class are turning out to be one of the best classes I’ve ever had. There are quite a few particularly bright ones with a great sense of humour and I spend much of the day laughing with them 🙂 I was sitting with a group of them this morning and they were talking about what they want to do when they’re grown up. The answers ranged from a bus driver to a teacher and a farm worker to a zoo keeper. One little lad piped up ” My grandad wants to be a bowler when he grows up” which made us all fall about laughing. 😆 I have about four children who are really quite mature and are able to see humour in things that less mature ones are unable to. It certainly makes the classroom a very happy place! Last but not least, a very happy birthday to my mum today! I saw her only an hour ago to give her her pressies and I know she will love seeing herself mentioned on here again 🙂

Author: Nikki

Welcome to my blog, first born in March 2006 as an accompaniment to my ibd support website and message board which have been in existence since 2000. I also have a graphics site with a large number of beautiful adoptions.

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