Have spent much of today building a new theme and with lots of help from a lovely friend love, got my smilies working. So, feeling confident, I decided to try and instal some mood icons. I thought it was all going well but was disappointed when it didn’t work 🙁 Anyway, I left it for while and went back about half an hour ago to have another try. Imagine my horror when I reactivated the plugin only to be told that I had a fatal error. No access to any part of my admin or my website…a new one for me, but probably something everyone’s experienced at some point 😕

Fortunately I was able to go back on my browser and after much panic saw the message at the bottom of the plugin page advising me to delete the plugin….and there it was, back again, phew!!

So I live to tell the tale and have to admit I’m very pleased with my new theme. I’m absolutely loving choosing graphics, colours and backgrounds and can see me creating many many more. I may not be able to do the plugins but I can do the layout.
The weekend over and back to work tomorrow!

Graphic Garden


At last I got my WeatherIcon working. I also got the image to show up which wouldn’t yesterday :). If anyone has any doubts about whether they should use Firefox instead of IE as their browser……take it from me, do it!! I found out the reason I couldn’t get the weather to show up was because I was using IE for my WP admin…big no no!

Am I alone in that I have good days and bad days with this? Yesterday I couldn’t get anything to work right, today everything’s gone like a dream. I’ve created lots of themes using templates from Marina and Artie, thank you…you clever, clever people!

Anyway, it’s the weekend and I must try not to spend too much time on here and spend a bit more time with my poor long suffering partner, lol! Cozy Memories