time to blog…

…ashamed to say that I came here last week only to find the site suspended. A quick email to my web host, and a quick one back, revealed that as I’ve been so negligent it had been taken down due to age old themes and plugins etc. A week later and it’s back online, thank you Steve, and it’s given me a renewed interest. I wanted to see if I could still do it. I’m amazed to find that it’s all so much easier these days! Part of me would like a little more difficulty to test my abilities but time is of the essence so I’m not complaining.
So I’ve had a lovely little play on the last day of my week off. Back to the shop tomorrow, which I’m delighted to say is going from strength to strength. My only regret is that as I go back to work, having had a week of crap weather, the sun is coming out big style and the schools are breaking up: most unusual!
Biggest excitement for me over the last few months (can’t really remember anything as exciting happening in the time I haven’t been writing on here!) is my Tom and his girlfriend Beth expecting their first baby, a boy, due in November. I’m beyond thrilled! I also have another step grandbaby on the way, another boy, due next month. Kaye, Dave’s daughter already has three and I suspect this will be their last.
Broadchurch 3 is being filmed here at the moment and I managed to see some of the action last week. Didn’t get close enough to David Tennant (such a lovely man) this time to have my photo taken with him though. First series was so easy as no one knew what was going on so we were able to see the filming without hoards of crowds.